20 years experience in theatre, dance, film/television, commercials, retail and museum installation - design/styling, buying and set costuming; working closely with performers and directors as a designer for 70 professional theatrical productions.

Offering well developed skills and strong process knowledge, I bring diverse experience and management to projects:  including research, illustration, flat drawings and presentation (Procreate, Illustrator and Photoshop), pattern development and fit, costing, material selection, construction, technical specs, script breakdown, background coordination and SyncOnSet software.

I have a focused eye for detail which is intuitive and responsive to both the larger creative vision, function and cost practicalities, creatively resolving design and production demands and desires to set camera and installation realities.

For me, design is a beautiful blend of the diversity of art and the application of research into the technical and aesthetic needs and desires of the client, aligned with the direction of the organization.  I love my work and the gift of participating in both individual and collaborative forms of art and design.



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