20 years experience designing, styling, buying, background coordination for film/television, theatre, dance, and commercial installation, working closely with actors as a designer for 70 professional theatre productions, in addition to costuming on set for film/television, as breakdown/blood artist, cast costumer, background lead and 2nd unit set supervisor.

Well developed skills in research, illustration, flat drawings and presentation (Illustrator and Photoshop), pattern development and fit, material selection and construction, costing, in addition to training and experience in dye and textile surface design.


Film, Television and Video

"The Impossible", Fox, Feature, Winnipeg, Set Costumer, April 1, 2018 - May 11, 2018

"The Flash", CW, TV Series, Vancouver, Buyer/Stylist, June 2016 - October 2017

"When We Rise", Mini Series, Vancouver, Ager/Dyer, April 2016 - May 2016

"The Magicians", SyFy, TV Series, Vancouver, Costumer, Breakdown Artist, October 2015 to December 2015

"Minority Report", Fox, TV Series, Vancouver, Background Coordinator, July to September 2015

"Mistresses", ABC, TV Series, Vancouver, Background Coordinator, Key Background Costumer, March to July, 2015

“Proof”, TV Series, Vancouver, Ager/Dyer, Background Costumer, January to March, 2015 (15 days)

“The Revenant”, Fox, Feature, Vancouver/Calgary, September 2014 - December 2015

     Breakdown Artist/Costumer Assistant to Cookie Fahey, Personal Costumer for Leonardo DiCaprio

“Witches of East End”, Lifetime, TV Series, Vancouver, April 2014 - August 29, 2014

     Background Costumer / 2nd Unit Set Super / Ager/Dyer - Debbie Douglas, Costume Supervisor

“World of Warcraft”, Legendary, Feature, Vancouver, October 2013 - April 2014, Ager/Dyer

“The Interview”, Sony, Vancouver, September, 2013, 10 days, Ager/Dyer

“The One Hundred” Vancouver, September 2013, 5 days, Background Costumer

“Forsaken”, Calgary, August 2013, 10 days, Ager/Dyer

“Flora’s Letter”, Calgary, August 2013, 3 days, Background Costumer

“Hell on Wheels”, Calgary, August 2013, Ager/Dyer

"Lollipop", Costume Design/Set Supervision, Independent Short Film, Director, Blake Horobin, Calgary, 2013

     AMPIA Award for Best Short Film, 2013

“Sword Double Veil” Calgary, Video, 2007, Costume Design, AMPIA - Costume Design Nomination

‘Women in the Directors Chair’, Banff New Media Institute, Banff Centre, 2005 and  2006

     Costumer:  design with 8 directors; costume coordination, fittings and set supervision 

“The Mavericks” Television Commercial for The Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Dec 2006, Costume Design

“Blackfoot Crossing’” Calgary, Museum Exhibit and Installation Video, July, 2006

     Creation of replica aboriginal buckskin dresses including breakdown and set supervision for video production

‘No More Victims’, Calgary, June, 2005, Dye, Breakdown Artist

‘Into the West’, Calgary, 6 part mini-series for TBS, August to December, 2004

     Breakdown artist, leather work and decoration for aboriginal costuming


Theatre Design

Banff Centre for the Arts, 

Costume Designer, Faculty, Banff


“losing ground”, Choreography by Sabrina Matthews, July 2005

“Quantz by Quantz”, Choreography by Peter Quantz, July 2005

“Configurations of the Body”, Choreography by D.A. Hoskins Giday, July 2004

Costume and Scenic Elements “Maelstrom”, Choreography by Andrew Giday, July 2003


“Shakespeare at the Opera”, July 2002, Directed by Glynis Leyshon

One Yellow Rabbit, Calgary

Costume Design, Gilgamesh, Directed by Blake Brooker, October 2008

Costume Design re-staging, Ilsa, Queeen of the Nazi Love Camp, Directed by Blake Brooker, May 2008

Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary

Costume Design, “Why Freud Fainted”, Directed by Vanessa Porteus, January 2007

Costume Design, “Peter Pan”, Directed by Bob White, December 2006

Costume Design, “Treasure Island”, Directed by Duval Lang, December 2005

Vertigo Theatre, Calgary

Costume Design, “Vintage Hitchock”, Directed by Craig Hall, November, 2013

Costume Design, “Panic”, Directed by Mark Bellamy, May, 2013

Costume Design, “The Ends of the Earth”, Directed by Craig Hall, March, 2013

Costume Design, “It Could Be any One of Us”, Directed by Meg Roe, November, 2012

Costume Design, “Blithe Spirit”, Directed by Marianne Copithorne, November, 2011

Costume Design, “Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde”, Directed by Mark Bellamy, April, 2011

Costume Design, “Sherlock Holmes, the Final Adventure”, Directed by Mark Bellamy, April, 2009

Costume Design, “Columbo Takes the Rap”, Directed by Trevor Rueger, September 2008

Costume Design, “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”, Directed by Mark Bellamy, November 2007

Costume Design, “Noirville”, Directed by Mark Bellamy, February 2000

Sage Theatre, Calgary

Costume Design, “Polygraph”, Directed by Kelly Reay, March, 2013

Set and Costume Design, “The Attic, The Pearls and Three Fine Girls, Sage Theatre October 2008

Lunchbox Theatre, Calgary

Costume Design, “The Scarlet Woman”, Directed by Mark Bellamy, April, 2013

Theatre Calgary, Calgary

Costume Design, “Putnam County Spelling Bee”, Directed by Dean Paul Gibson, April 2010

The Only Animal/Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary

Costume Design, “NiX”, Directed by Kendra Fanconi, February 2008/2009/2010

Downstage Theatre, Calgary

Costume Design, “The Piper”, directed by Simon Mallet,  May 2009

Ground Zero/Hit and Myth Productions, Calgary

Costume Design, “The Pillowman”, Driected by Kevin McKendrick February 2007

Costume Design, “Urinetown”, Directed by Kevin McKendrick and Mark Bellamy, September 2006

Costume Design, “Little Mercy’s First Murder”, Directed by Mark Bellamy, March 2006

Alberta Ballet, Calgary

Dye/Painting Execution for “Dancing Joni”, Jean Grande Maitre and Joni Mitchell, January 2007

Costume design, “losing ground”, choreography by Sabrina Matthews, February 2006 

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Calgary

Costume Design, “Magnetic Consequence”, Choreography by Vicki Adams Willis, March 2007

Costume Design, “Pulse”, Choreography by Vicki Adams Willis, January 2006

Quest Theatre, Calgary

Set and Costume Design, “Under the Big Top”, Directed by Nikki Loach, Jan 2009

Set and Costume Design, “Making It All Up”, Directed by Duval Lang, February 2008

Costume Design, Robin Hood, Directed by Duval Lang, March 2004

Urban Curves  

Set and Costume Design, “Necessary Targets”, Directed by Jane McFarlane, April 2006

Theatre Junction, Calgary, 

Resident Costume Designer - September, 2000- May 2004

“Far Away”, Directed by Kevin McKendrick, April 2006

 “The Edible Woman”, Directed by Niki Lundmark Loach, April 2004

 “The Optimists”, Directed by Eda Holmes, January 2004

“Boy Gets Girl”, Directed by Kevin McKendrick, November 2003

“The Constant Wife”, Directed by Niki Lundmark Loach, September 2003 

 “Playboy of the Western World”, Directed by Niki Lundmark Loach, April 2003

“The Good Life”, Directed by Kevin Mckendrick, Feb. 2003

“Britannicus”, Directed by Keith Turnbull, Nov. 2002

“What the Butler Saw”, Directed by Mark Lawes, October 2002 

“A Month in the Country”, Directed by Mark Lawes, April 2002 

 “It’s All True”, Directed by Stacey Christadoulo, Feb 2002

“Closer”, Directed by Mark Lawes, Jan.  2002

 “Arcadia”, Directed by Mark Lawes, Nov. 2001

 “Much Ado About Nothing”, Directed by Niki Lundmark, Oct. 2001

 “The London Cuckholds”, Director Niki Lundmark - April, 2001 

“The Visit”, Directed by Mark Lawes - Jan, 2001

“Angel’s Trumpet”, Directed by Sharon Pollock - March, 2001

“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”, Directed by Kevin McKendrick - Nov, 2000 

“The Misanthrope”, Directed by Mark Lawes - October, 2000 



Mosquito Creek Clothing Co. — 1994 - 1998

     Designed, manufactured and distributed clothing line, sold throughout Western Canada



Anthropologie, Calgary, 2010 - 2011

     Window Display Design, Craft and Installation

Holt Renfrew, Calgary, 2008 - 2010 

     Mannequin stylist and visual display, windows and interior



Form and Function Design Academy, Fashion Design Diploma, Calgary, Alberta 1992

University of Calgary, Drama Department, 1999

Many various professional development courses involving human resource development and art/design, including sculpture, illustration, painting and fibre art.


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